VR Pong

What the heck is VR Pong?

That's an awesome question and I should know because I wrote it. VR Pong is a little project started by Una Kravets and Mike Riethmuller to have some fun, learn about WebVR and hopefully make something cool. It's like that game you might have played as a kid where you write one line of a story and someone else…

…finishes it. Each week one of us adds something to a VR scene built with A-Frame, writes a short blog post about it, then passes it back to the other person. Eventually we might invite other people to submit pull requests as guest VR Pong players.

Week 3 - Firing my laser

Wow! Una did an amazing job. It was not what I was expecting, and even though I was expecting something I wasn't expecting, Una didn't fail to surprise me. I think we all know there is really only one response to Una's giant, glowing, alien, crystal, ...thing. We need to fire a massive laser out the end of it and burn the sky!

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Week 2 - New and Shiny

Una here—also brand new to VR and just diving into A-Frame. The reason we decided to start this project was just for an excuse to play with WebVR after all :) And I really love what Mike did with the place, but it’s time to start putting some objects into our 3D world.

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Week 1 - In the beginning

Week one will probably be a slightly longer blog post that will cover the setup and some of the core concepts of WebVR and A-Frame along with my initial creative thinking and explorations. It’s likely that these two voices, the technical and creative will feature heavily in this and future blog posts. On the technical side I learnt about setting up a project with A-Frame and building scenes using components, entities, primitives and assets. On the creative side I explored using limited pallets and fine tuned the animations and reflections.

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